Every year the group hosts a number of BSc honors project students who we hope feel very much part of the team during their time with us. Our ethos is that all research, whether carried out undergraduate or PI, is equally important and therefore we strive to ensure fairness of time and access to equipment.

Gayle teaches on, or runs, a number of modules in the B.Sc. Neuroscience program and the PhD students are encouraged to act as demonstrators on the courses. In addition Gayle is the sub-honours Neuroscience adviser of studies. Teaching specifics:

PN3313: Neuroscience: Lecturer in neuronal survival and neuroprotection; organiser of the cell death practical

PN3312: Pharmacology: Module controller and lecturer in basic principals of pharmacology and drug design

PN4230: Neurodegeneration and Ageing: Module controller and lecturer in brain ageing. At the 2017 Alzheimer’s Research UK national conference there were 6 students from the 24 who took the course in 2104 and 2015 present and presenting posters. It was fabulous to see so many of our students continuing in the field!

PN4299: Neuroscience Research Project: Module controller