Public enagagement

Explorathon 2017

Emily Messer and Gayle Doherty (29th September, 2017)

Big Brain Box public engagement activities featuring Healthy Living/ Healthy Brain games, neuroanatomy worksheets and activities and a chance to ask us all about brains. Check out our photo gallery for pictures from the event.

Sutton Trust Summer School

Gayle Doherty (7th July, 2017)

Introducing neuroscience and explaining the functions of some our brain areas.

Primary school visits

Gayle Doherty and Emily Messer (with Dr Maggie Ellis; 26th and 27th June, 2017)

Engaging local primary 5 and 6 pupils with Psychology & Neuroscience.

Three Minute Thesis

Alison Holiday (May, 2017)

Summarizing 3 years of work into 3 short and memorable minutes.

Running down dementia

Gayle Doherty (20th May, 2017)

Starting the St Andrews parkrun and providing information on the running down dementia initiative

Fife Parkinson’s Society

Gayle Doherty (30th January, 2017)

A night of talks on current research into Parkinson’s Disease featuring speakers from the University of St Andrews, University of Strathclyde and Plymouth University’s Peninsula Medical School. Click on the image below for a copy of Gayle’s presentation slides.


Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Conference

Gayle Doherty (16th November, 2016)

A short talk on our recently published work on the benefits of a small fragment of the leptin molecule in empirical models of Alzheimer’s Disease. Click below for a copy of the slides from the presentation



Dundee Science Festival

Gayle Doherty (3rd November, 2016)

Biochemistry speed dating! Inspiring secondary school students to consider a chemistry-based career. Each session, with a group of 5-8 students, lasted for 10 minutes. Students were given the opportunity to hear about biochemistry in every day use and to ask questions about life as a scientist.


Explorathon @ Parkrun

Gayle Doherty (1st October, 2016)

Offering the public the chance to try their hand at brain training.  Three of our seniour honours neuroscientists Noel Heaney, Stasa Tumpa and Lize Viljoen provided much needed assistance and designed the flyer (below). Click on the image below to link to the flyer for more information.


Running down dementia

Gayle Doherty (ARUK representative with Dr Maggie Ellis; 16th July, 2016)

Starting the St Andrews parkrun and providing information on the running down dementia initiative


Memories and Microscopes

Gayle Doherty (Organiser), 31 May 2016
An evening of talks on Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias – sponsored by Alzheiemer’s Research UK. Click on the image below to access our infographics booklet on dementia research here at the University of St Andrews.Alzheimer%252527s Research UK flyer template_gayle

Cutting room conversations

Gayle Doherty (Participant), 25 May 2016
Viewing of the film Iris and panel discussion on the impact of dementia