Our research

The Doherty neuroscience lab investigates why nerve cells live and die during development, ageing and neurodegeneration. Our interests span the whole of the life course with focus on the role that external factors play in the development and long term health of the nervous system. We investigate a variety of factors which are found in the blood from hormones to biomarkers – molecules that tell us about disease status, or the risk of developing disease.Our focus is based at the cellular level and we use a range of cell culture, imaging and biochemical techniques to investigate living and dying neurons.

The aims of the research group are:

  1. To understand how and why neurons live and die
  2. To prevent neurodegeneration by understanding how risk factors for disease damage neurons
  3. To identify new pathways to slow down, halt or cure neurodegeneration
  4. To understand how the brain ages and how this varies across species
  5. To consider the role of neuronal death during the development of the nervous system
  6. To investigate novel pathways that lead to neuronal differentiation of neuroblastoma cells