Scottish Neuroscience Group, University of Strathclyde

Gayle and Alison went along to the Scottish Neuroscience Group meeting at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow on 26th Augustimgres. Great to see some of our second year undergraduates come along and hear what is happening in neuroscience around Scotland. Alison gave an excellent presentation based on our forthcoming publication ‘A leptin fragment mirrors the cognitive enhancing and neuroprotective actions of leptin’. Click on the image to link to Alison’s presentation slides.

From the news: Obesity and brain-age

A new study lead by Dr Lisa Ronan at the Cambridge Center for Ageing and Neuroscience has investigated the link between obesity and brain age. There are many links between obesity and ageing not least that obesity is thought to increase the age-related risk of neurodegeneration. This study used MRI images from 527 individuals aged 20-87 years to measure cerebral white matter volume, cortical thickness and surface area.
They showed that there was greater atrophy in cerebral white matter volume in overweight and obese individuals compared to lean individuals. The maximum effect of this was seen in middle aged individuals and the study estimated that brains were aged by about 10 years.

For the full study click here

Latest Paper!

Well done to current PhD student Alison Holiday and previous lab member Devon Redfearn who are co-authors on our latest publication: ‘A leptin fragment mirrors the cognitive enhancing and neuroprotective actions of leptin‘. The paper will be out in Cerebral Cortex soon and was a collaborative effort between our lab, the Harvey group at the University of Dundee and the Ainge group here in St Andrews.