SULSA grant funding success


I am delighted to announce that the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance will be  funding our project: Receptor interactions of bioactive leptin fragments – a promising therapeutic lead for dementia. This exciting work will be carried out in collaboration with Drs Rebecca Goss and Cristina Pubill Ulldemolins at the School of Chemistry here in St Andrews and Dr Jenni Harvey at the University of Dundee. Thank you very much to SULSA for their support.

Funded PhD studentship deadlines coming up

A reminder that we have 2 exciting PhD opportunities advertised. There is an EastBIO project, in collaboration with Prof Frank Gunn-Moore and a SPRINT-MND studentship.

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School visits

A huge thank you to the local primary schools who allowed us to come in and talk about neuroanatomy and Healthy living/ healthy brain last week. It was very interesting to hear from pupils and teacher and to learn more about the questions they have about the brain.